Surfcasting Top Latex cuffs


The SURF12, also called SURF “PRO”, is one of the best in its class.



Color : Black/ navy

Sizes : M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, XXXXL

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The Guy Cotten Surf 12 features the same lightweight, waterproof, breathable, Dremtech+ material as the Guy Cotten Surf 08 Series ; however, there are a couple small differences. The Guy Cotten Surf 12 has a navy blue chest and shoulder area . The Guy Cotten 12 features latex cuffs to offers an optimal wrist seal to resist water intrusion and keep you dry. These latex wrist gaskets are used on dry suits in the dive industry. These latex cuffs (shown in the picture here on the right side) are tight fitting to keep water out yet very comfortable. Please note that the latex cuffs can be cut back to fit large diameter wrists. The latex cuffs can be replaced once worn out (or if they rip) at all most any quality dive shop. It’s best to dust the latex with talc powder for easy on and off use and for storage (prevents dry rot).