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Built on Breton granite, Guy Cotten has a strong identity and solid expertise!

“By our proximity to the harbour and listening to users, we saved a lot of research time and were given good feedback.”

Monsieur Guy Cotten

A strong image

“A great many people feel like Guy Cotten is a hundred years old, because when they were young they already wore our oilskins and now their children and grandchildren are wearing them.”

Guy Cotten attaches great importance to its region and expertise and has always had full command of its production.  From the design of our products to the tools for manufacturing them, everything is made in our factories.

Quality Over Quantity

The only European company with expertise in high frequency welding of coated fabrics

We are a reference in Western Europe. Through our research, we also have know-how in thermo-welded seams that render clothing made of membranous fabrics waterproof. These techniques are the most efficient and reliable solutions.

Only Sustainable Materials

Quality Over Quantity

The brand’s capacity to innovate enables it to adapt and anticipate major trends towards improvement. Tested in real conditions by fishermen, farmers, and famous skippers, these innovations are of real benefit to our products, which are second to none on the international market. This can be seen in the many prizes we have been awarded.

Sustaining know-how in France:


We produce more than 70% of our garments in Brittany.  To ensure the continuing quality of our materials, we have an equitable relationship with and are loyal to our suppliers who are located as close as possible to our factories to enable us to respond as quickly as possible. 95% of our material suppliers are French or European. Some fabrics are made exclusively for Guy Cotten.

Our workshops are located in Trégunc (29), Riec/Bélon (29), Landaul (56) and Madagascar for our range-entry in the farming market. The same manufacturing processes, machines, specific tools, fabrics and the same Quality Control are applied and used in each of them. With 150 employees in France, we prefer to give jobs to our regions. This guarantees the continuation of our expertise.

On our 3 sites in Brittany:
•   More than 2,000 pieces are cut every day.
•   More than 450,000 articles are made every year.

Our idea of sustainable development:

Our clothing is designed to last. Its simple cut ensures its robustness and reliability for many years.  It does not need to be replaced as often and this means less material to recycle. Since we started out, we have had an After-Sales Service that focuses on repairing our clothing. Occasionally, we see items of clothing dating from the 1970s in our workroom, which need a broken zip slider replaced or a seam undone reworked!

Guy Cotten currently covers a large majority of the World Market of personal protective equipment

through subsidiaries in Great Britain, Spain, the USA, Sweden, Morocco and a very large distributor network.  The Export share now represent 30% of Guy Cotten’s turnover and we continue to expand in new markets.

Through Sales Subsidiaries:

•    Guy Cotten UK was founded in Plymouth, in 1979. Comprising Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, it supplies more than 600 sales outlets and equips a great majority of fishermen. It is the leader in fishing and derived business markets. It has diversified to cater for the nautical industry and farming.
•   Guy Cotten Inc was established in New Bedford (Mass.), in 1986. Its sales are progressing on the entire coastal market of the USA, Canada and Mexico. Well established in the USA, the brand stands out for its quality image.
•    Guy Cotten España was created in 1988. The brand is well-known and there is still huge potential, since Spain has the largest number of professional fishermen in Europe.
•    Guy Cotten Sweden was launched in 2000. It covers the Scandinavian countries. Within a few years it has seen considerable progress in demand, now placing it as the leader of this market.
•    Guy Cotten Morocco opened in 2008. This is a constantly evolving market with huge potential, where quality is beginning to become established

And directly through a network of distributors 

In geographical areas such as: North Europe, French Overseas, West Africa, Mediterranean Basin, Japan, Oceania.