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Marking Embroidery and Serigraphy Department

Marking, Embroidery and Serigraphy Department

Create a company, association, or club event by marking garments and tailoring them to your image. Our department specializes in quality marking while preserving the waterproofing of your clothing.

Embroidery sewn directly onto your clothing: we have considerable expertise in offshore sailing gear. Our workshop is equipped with 4 embroidery machines capable of working with 12 different colours. All the embroidery is carried out in our workshops, enabling us to respond very quickly and ensure quality control..
Crest patches created and positioned on your garments. Whether these involve heat-seal or sewn lettering or logos.
Serigraphy: In partnership with a service provider for the marking of our various bags, we can study the best serigraphy solutions together, based on your drawings or files (.jpeg or .ai).

If you would like a quote, please contact us at: