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Our After Sales Service

Guy Cotten After Sales Service Guarantee

The After Sales Service is extremely important to the Guy Cotten Company, in its constant efforts and commitment to manufacture long-lasting products.

It is a key to customer satisfaction, but also to the environment! Longer lasting products indeed also means less replacement, therefore less raw material consumed and less waste to treat. This is also a demonstration of the difference between a business that opted to stay local and protect its know-how, and those who have decided to relocate far away.

For all items, if used normally and correctly maintained, this is how you should proceed:

If possible contact the dealer who sold you the product or bring it back to them for examining it

If it is a manufacturing defect we will consider it under warranty.

If it is not under warranty we will give you a quote for the repair.

Depending on the reason of the repair, shipping cost may be included in the quote or paid by the company

For more information call 800-444-6050 or contact