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Complies with IMO/SOLAS 74/83 and CE regulations. (Patented design). Exclusive design for maximum safety.

Complies with IMO/SOLAS 74/83 and CE regulations. (Patented design). Exclusive design for maximum safety.
Reliability is the main point of these suits. Our survival suits are made according to the following principle : – A survival suit to be used without the addition of a lifejacket. – Very easy to don, in daylight or darkness alike. You slip in like in a sleeping bag. A dry suit with complete reliability and hardly any need for repairs. – A long life guarantee. – A completely reliable closure.
To close the suit, you roll the back flap entrance 4 times on itself and clip the shackles on the O ring of the harness. It provides extra support for the head and stability face up in case of immersion and makes the suit fully watertight.
This unique system does away with the need for a dry zip, with obvious advantages : No need for careful and regular maintenance of a dry zip. No dry zip getting stuck when suit needed. It is not unusual that dry zips have become inoperative through lack of regular cleaning and waxing or because they have been folded wrongly, in some cases with tragic consequences.
The stiffness of a dry zip also reduces comfort and manoeuvrability of a suit, and sometimes a second person is needed to close it, especially if it is situated on the back of the suit. – A completely reliable closure system. – Dry suit with exceptional thermal insulation properties (5 mm). – Harness with hoisting ring – Buddy line. – Reflective bands. – Light


The NORSEA survival suit complies with IMO/SOLAS 74/83 and the new CE regulations. The minimum of insulation required for an insulated survival suit to be approved is 0.75 immersed CLO.
This allows the wearer to be comfortable after 6 hours of immersion in water at a temperature of 0°C to 2°C (the inner body temperature of the subject should not decrease by more than 2°C in those 6 hours according to tests requirements). – Long lasting. The use of neoprene and the reliability of the fastening system (with no weak points or risk of failure) give the suit an exceptional durability. – Periodical checks have to be performed on suit by appointed Piel/Cotten service station.

Fabrics : Neoprene

Colors : ORANGE


Standard Extra large