“Brizo” Life Jacket


150N Self-inflating Life jacket designed for intensive work

Rearming kit ( 2 dissolving tablets, 2 clips for manual control, 1 cartridge of CO2)- Ref: KRE

Pack of 10 Salt tablets – Ref: PPS

Color : Orange/ black

Sizes : One size



The BRIZO is a self-inflating life jacket (150 N) designed for intensive work (Fish industry) thanks to its two-material outer envelope:.

  • Made of Nylpêche fabric (480 g/m²) to withstand wear and tear and – Glentex fabric (320 g/m²) on the neckband for suppleness and comfort.
  • EN ISO 12402-3 certified

Ergonomic at work: worn high on chest. Very short, it favours ease of movement and provides great comfort over long periods of use.

High performing: Effective even if damaged thanks to a lung with a double wall. Powerful firing pin triggered by a dissolvable tablet – a guarantee of its reliability.

Equipped with a fixation for a beacon or multi-flash light. Plastic loop to make it lighter (neoprene protection option to protect from fishing net hooks). Integrated crotch strap to prevent the jacket rising when in the water.

The Isotop smock and the 3D jacket are the only articles that are large enough to be worn over an inflated life-jacket, allowing it to work properly and guaranteeing the safety of the user.

Important: Seek advice from the retailer on purchase. Check the detailed brochure supplied with the lifejacket.

  • Changing the tablet and rearming the jacket is relatively cheap, as well as quick and easy.
  • The life jacket should not be folded away without having been dried and rearmed (see rearming kit).
  • How often you change the tablet depends on the ambient humidity in which the jacket is used. This prevents the life jacket being triggered unintentionally due to the deterioration of the tablet.
  • Check that all your life jacket accessories are in place and comply with safety standards.
  • Get your life jacket checked out periodically by a Guy Cotten approved Centre (every year if used professionally).

For maximum protection, please check the condition of your life jacket, the trigger devices and its servicing date. To protect the trigger bobbin/pill from dissolving prematurely due to high temperatures/atmospheric humidity, remember to change the bobbins/pills accordingly.
Annual servicing is a must. Have your jacket serviced by one of the approved GUY COTTEN servicing stations.
A neoprene cuff (sold on option) can be adapted to prevent the buckle catching.